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Neu in MIKE URBAN Version 2019

Modul/Typ Neues Feature/Fehler Status
Import/Export Export to ISYBAU format is not working New Feature
Model Manager mdb template (Primary) should be exported to gdb template. Fixed
MU DFS2 support does not work with ArcGIS 10.6.1 Fixed
Option for user defined prefix for MUIDS when adding new features. New Feature
Path for Long profile is not fully controllable and wrong path is loaded Fixed
Remove multiple results at one click in MIKE URBAN Longitudinal Profiles Fixed
Model Manager Tools Simplification Wizard, demands not moved downstream when there are two or more demands connected to a junction. Fixed
Simplification Wizard does not visualize new demand allocation connection lines correctly Fixed
MU Project Check Tool does not check for duplicate node MUIDs Fixed
Collection System Curves and Relations Dialog, The third column 'As' is not hidden, appears in all curves that should only have two columns Fixed
MIKE URBAN - UHM model result incorrect if simulation time shorter than lag time Fixed
Problems with MOUSE engine after upgrading a model from MIKE URBAN 2016 to MIKE URBAN 2017 Fixed
The volume graph for basin storage should be drawn based on calculating many points covering the range of the specified table Fixed
Update of catchment parameters fails (msm_HModA) in the Import / Export tools Fixed
Problem with SWQ Editor functionality with linking to specified Q-H relation specified in GUI Fixed
Catchment processing SWQ concentrations: the tool does not work for multiple components Fixed
MIKE URBAN and ECOLAB - editing built-in constants. The editor field „Global value“ (attribute msm_EcolabCoeffvalue) should be disabled if msm_EcolabBuildInID <> -1, which means the values come directly from ECO Lab Fixed
MIKE 1D Suffix “CatchmentDischarge” is added to the catchment MUID disabling MIKE1D from reading the information in Boundary Conditions Fixed
After MIKE 1D simulations, result files are not auto loaded Fixed
Can't load specific MIKE 1D rainfall runoff result file Fixed
MIKE 1D merges the catchment ID and the linked boundary condition type into a single non existing MUID when aiming to run the RDI simulation - causing the simulation to stop Fixed
Cannot derive some results from MIKE 1D network calculation results *.res1d Fixed
Error in MIKE1D engine requiring a Q-H relation table having at least three entries specified – two entries is enough Fixed
Error that MIKE URBAN loads a MIKE 1D result file as soon as a simulation is started, if the previous result file is stored in the same folder as the setup Fixed
MIKE 1D truncates RTCFunction.TSConnection1 Fixed
LTS Improvement of the syntax in the LTS statistics result file ERF Fixed
MIKE 1D LTS Including AD statistics [Discharge_Load_Out] is ommitted from ERF file Fixed
Problem with MIKE1D engine writing LTS result file ERF in binary format Fixed
Statistics for AD components not related to event definition Fixed
Water Distribution PID Control dialog - attributes missing in the „Tools | Customize | Custom Units“, mw_PID Fixed
The greyed out field beside diameter displaying „diameter - diameter - wall thickness“ should be „diameter = diameter – 2 * wall thickness“. Fixed
EPANET Demand Statistic dialog does not have copy/paste options Fixed
Option for user defined prefix for MUIDs when adding new features Fixed
SWMM5 SWMM5 should support routing steps in decimals Fixed
Catchment Slope and Length: Exception error when clicking No in the Warning dialog Fixed
Crash when trying to browse a file to import in a specific combination in the Import / Export wizard Fixed
Example1 cannot complete simulation with latest SWMM5 engine version Fixed
Exception error when trying to import from specific inp file Fixed
Export of transect X and Z values are swapped Fixed
Problem with loading result items Fixed
2D FLOOD „Node Water Level“ result list for MIKE 1D flood results viewed in MIKE URBAN incorrectly offers both node and M21 node levels Fixed
Changes to the SimulationID does not change the result filename for the .dfs2 in flood simulation causing overwrite of existing result files Fixed
Changing the Node ID does not cascade to changing the Node ID for the coupled cells Fixed
Error in 2D OverlandFlow Example with reading Band_1 in DEM.dfs2 Fixed
Generate Fish Extent causes MIKE URBAN crash, if decimal separator is set to comma and not dot Fixed
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