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AVI-Datei speichern

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It is possible to save the animation of the results to Windows animation AVI file. This option is available for saving both Map and Profile Plot results.

(1) In order to save Map results to the animation file, load the simulation results to MIKE URBAN, display them on the Map and select File | Save AVI file…

Die Startzeit und die Endzeit (Optionen der Animation) werden bei der Aufzeichnung berücksichtigt. Die Dauer der Schritte wird durch die Aufzeichnungsoptionen


Options dialog box will be displayed, from within you specify the interval between frames as a multiplication of 100 milliseconds.

Figure 2.16•Save animation to AVI file - Options setting

(3) MIKE URBAN will display the standard "Save file" dialog box where you specify the location and name of the animation file and




then you can define the video compression mode based on your Windows settings. Note that using Full Frames (Uncompressed) will create a video file, which you can play on any Windows regardless the local settings.

Figure 2.17•Save animation to AVI file - Video Compression mode

In order to save Profile Plot results to the animation file, load the simulation results to MIKE URBAN, define the Profile Plot path and display the Profile Plot. Select File | Save AVI file… from within the Profile Plot window and follow the same steps as in saving the Map results to the animation file.

Probleme: Man kann Aufzeichnung nicht abbrechen!

FW: 84878 - FW: (Case 83) CODEC recommendation

Dear Thomas

We did some tests with *.AVI compression today. We have found some codecs alredy installed on the test PC (with Windows XP, ArcGIS 9.3 SP1, MIKE URBAN). So it might be that users will also have them - these codecs might be installed together with Windows system, ArcGIS, MIKE URBAN or any other application. Test PC contained only minimum set of applications.

Project: Tutor1 Video size (size of the map window): 936 x 816 pixels Size of uncompressed AVI file: 522M

We were able to use these codecs, we used default compression settings:

  • Indeo(R) video 5.10 - size of the compresseed AVI: 6.5M
  • Intel Indeo(R) Video 4.5 - size of the compressed AVI: 7M
  • Cinepack Codec by Radius - size of the compressed AVI: 15.5M
  • Microsoft Video 1 - size of the compressed AVI: 26M

We were able to play video compressed with "Cinepack Codec by Radius" and "Microsoft Video 1" on a system without MIKE URBAN and ArcGIS installed.

Then we downloaded and installed additional codecs from ( - default installation. We tested these:

  • Xvid MPEG-4 Codec - size of the compressed AVI: 113K
  • DivX 6.8.5 Codec - works only up to the size 640 x 480 pixels
  • Helix YV12 YUV Codec - size of the compressed AVI: 261M
  • ffdshow Video Codec - size of the compressed AVI: 219K

Our recommendations from this are:

1. use "Xvid MPEG-4 Codec" if you need to generate long animations. To use "Xvid MPEG-4 Codec" compression, additonal coding codec must be installed (e.g. from -

You must also give information about decoding codec for all those who will want to play such video (e.g. downloadable from,

2. use some of the "preinstalled" codecs (like "Cinepack Codec by Radius"), there is a better chance that it is available also on other computers. So it will be possible to play this video without any additional codec installation.

I apologize for the delay in responding.

Best regards Anders Sloth, DHI

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