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MIKE Urban 2007 Service Pack 2


Das Service Pack 2 zu MIKE Urban behebt diverse Bugs und ist auf jeden Fall zu empfehlen. Der Download enthält nur die Aktualisierungen, die Version 2007 muss daher bereits installiert sein. Service Pack 1 kann, muss aber nicht installiert sein.

Beachten Sie, dass die Installation 10 bis 15 Minuten dauert, weil alle Beispieldatenbanken durch aktuelle Versionen ersetzt werden (außer Sie haben die Beispieldatenbanken gar nicht installiert).

Falls Sie MOUSE-Anwender sind und die Datei dhiapp.ini (im Bin-Verzeichnis von MIKE Urban) Ihren besonderen Bedürfnissen angepasst haben, sichern Sie diese Datei, weil das Service Pack erfahrungsgemäß die vorhandene dhiapp.ini überschreibt. Nach erfolgter Installation müssen Sie Ihre ursprünglichen Anpassungen in der neuen dhiapp.ini händisch ergänzen.

Veränderte oder gänzlich neu gestaltete Symbolleisten (Werkzeuge|Einrichten|Symbolleisten einrichten) oder benutzerdefinierte Tastenkürzel (Werkzeuge|Einrichten|Symbolleisten einrichten) werden durch das Service Pack übrigens nicht verändert.

Die Installation inkludiert auch das Service Pack 2 zu MIKE View 2007, Sie müssen letzteres daher nicht separat herunterladen.

Neuerungen im Service Pack 2

Module/Type Error/Inconvenience/New feature Status Remarks
Editing * Error check implemented so that it is impossible to specify the same node in the to node and from node field for a link Improvement  
Import * Import of data with the job settings update only, update and append and append does not work from Import wizard (but from advanced mode). Fixed  
MOUSE * When boundary dfs0 file is in wrong unit no error was issued
* Variable speed pumps would errorneously require the Control module
* If RESERVOIRWIDTHHEIGHT was set to 1 in dhiapp.ini file engine would terminate, now corrected so that the  the distance between start of expansion and end of expansion is set to 0.
* Control: Warning message now issued when control of orifice is tried with levels outside the range of min and max levels
* Use of DWF based on inhabitants would take inhabitatans into account even if flag was set not to these into account
* The tabular data dialog will support an additional variant of pump curve data. It will be a three column variant with "dH", "Q" and "P". Where "P" is the power consumption of the pump [kW]
Fixed and improved  
Import of MOUSE projects * During import of old MOUSE models to MIKE URBAN rainfall boundaries of type 2 were imported as rainfall connected to all catchments Error is fixed and rainfall/temperature/evaporation boundaries of type 2 are imported as individual connections. Note that rainfall, temperature and evaporation boundaries cannot be imported automatically due to the difference in boundary specification. Please refer to  for further information.
SWMM - Horton decay rate * Horton decay rate default unit changed to /h
* Previously the export to the inp-file would result errorneous value of the Horton decay rate
Fixed Please note that projects created with versions prior to SP2 will still display the Horton decay rate in /s, but when exporting to the inp-file and performing the simulation the value will be converted to /h.
SWMM - Correction of editors * Missing maximum flow field in the SWMM conduit data. Now added.
* Redesign of SWMM catchment connection to allow for connection to either node or catchment
* Missing two variables for the External Inflow. BaselineValue and Scalefactor now added
Fixed Default value is set to node connection for catcment connections if not specified differently
Export * Export of selected tables to empty geodatabase Fixed  
Language support * Various language files updated e.g. Russian Improvement  
SDE storage * Import resulting in error Fixed  
Interpolation and assignment tool * Using data (e.g. a shape file) with a different coordinate system than the one used in the MU project when e.g. trying to apply the data to assign values to nearest feature would cause assignment tool to terminate. Now error message is displayed. Fixed  
Simplification Wizard * Catchment connections are changed occasionally when nothing is merged SWMM5 catchment connections not updated correctly. If a node connected to a catchment was deleted by the tool, the catchment connection to the deleted node remained in the model. If a node was deleted during a merging process, the tool did not reassign the catchment connection to a nearby node.
* Possible to reach different simplified networks with the same choice of criteria. Evaluation of criteria changed to correct this. Merging criteria is now based on the minimum value. E.g. for merging based on diameter: % = (Dia_1 - Dia_2)/Min(Dia_1, Dia_2)*100
Fixed Please note that there is a known defect when evaluating the simplification criteria for rectangular links. Please consult the FAQ for further info.
MIKE VIEW * Legend was missing on longitudinal profiles for LTS
* Some computed statistical variables were errorneously missing on the statistical result presentation

Neuerungen im Service Pack 1

Module/Type Error/Inconvenience/New feature Status Remarks
Flagging * Validation checks added to status codes editor Improvement
Water Hammer * Pump schedule time levels are wrongly exported to WH file. * An error encountered during Water Hammer simulation could damage model database. Fixed
SWMM 5 * Format updated for routing time step * Checkbox setting for Inflow on the Network tab in the Project Dialog could not be saved. Now corrected. Fixed
SWMM5 to MOUSE results converter * Pipe diameter converted incorrectly Fixed
MOUSE * Speed of LTS computations improved * Added summary after computation with RDI solo and UHM * AD results could not be added as a layer in US units * Units for water age in CS - MOUSE is incorrect * Load of MOUSE RDII result file NRF now checks that at least one time series type is selected for loading. Improvement LTS improvement: Effect varies for different setups
Calculated values * Calculated values in US units for pipe depth and pipe filling gave erroneous results * Error in tap pressure calculation Fixed
Import/Export * When specifying units the suggested units are not set equal the ones used in the current MU project * During an export the header of the "Specify Units" grid should refer to target. Now corrected. * Data structure was not reread when Tools → Get Source/Target Structure was requested. * Incorrect value for Pipe CLOSED written to inp file * Minimize button added to wizard * Various minor improvements Fixed
Language versions * French and Polish version updated Fixed
Dialogs * Misc minor errors corrected (spelling, greying and ungreying of fields) Fixed
Graphical Editing * Editing of layers where "undo" is unavailable should be prevented. Fixed
Simplification Wizard * Displayed selection did not reflect the structures that would be affected by simplification. * Other minor improvements. Fixed
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