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Neu in MIKE Urban Version 2009


Data formats and data editing

  • Based on AcrGIS 9.3
  • Performance improvements
  • Additional features when importing data

Catchments and Catchments tool

  • Improvement of the Catchment dialog
  • Catchment connections dialog and catchment parameters available for easy global editing

Export map

  • Ability to export the map window into a DXF file for AutoCAD or Micro Station (including result layers)

Result presentation and time series

  • Redesign of the result statistics dialog: only values relevant for the type of result file are displayed
  • Redesign of additional results handling: a new Derived Results dialog has been added
  • Ability to create flood maps in a raster format by interpolating given sets of data (i.e. max water levels in the nodes)
  • Ability to view the network in 3D (without using MIKE Animator)
  • Saving of AVI files of animations (animation of result layers in the map or of a longitudinal profiles)
  • Ability to define the number of decimals for labeling results on the map
  • Possibility to save and load the legend used for result layers (in the TOC)
  • Displaying of graphs for cyclic profiles

MIKE FLOOD integration in MIKE URBAN

  • 2D overland flow modeling as a fully integrated model component in MIKE URBAN. Surface flooding can be simulated directly in MIKE URBAN by combining 1D and 2D models: The flow in the subsurface pipes is simulated using the MOUSE CS 1D engine and the overland flow is simulated using the MIKE 21 2D overland flow model. This combination of models is called MIKE FLOOD which is now integrated into MIKE URBAN.


Ability for the user to define an initial water level throughout the model area (done through the ADP file)


  • Based on SWMM 5.0.012

Water Distribution Result presentation

  • Expansion of the Result Tables by summary fields (calculation of the minimum, the maximum, and the average)
  • Ability to select links or node where the results changed more than a specific threshold value (i.e. used to identify pipes where the flow direction has changed during the simulation)
  • Possibility to store complete results (all time steps) in the database (mw_RES_)

Water Distribution Misc.

  • Based on EPANET 2.00.12
  • Improvement of the Project information: the project information was extended to provide detail information regarding the model setup and the simulated results
  • Ability to display Q-H plots (for pipes or for fire hydrants)
  • Display current operating pump points on the Q-H curve possible
  • Easy way to merge selected pipes added
  • Possibility to duplicate pipe attributes and to generate “Tag” for every stretch of pipes
  • Export and import the rules to/from ASCII file possible (both for the simple rules and the rule-based controls)

MIKE URBAN Service Pack 1, May 2009

Module/Type Error/Inconvenience/New Feature Status Remarks
MOUSE nodes dialog When specifying local data for the 'Outlet head loss' in the form view the check of 'Use local data' option followed immediately  by entering the new coef. would result in cofficient being changed for default outlet head loss Fixed
SDE * The workspace an/or class extension does not work on an Oracle based SDE database for other users than the data owner
* MU SDE will terminate when doing reconsile after making changes to attributes (when editors are open)
Link to WEST Modifications and improvements of the feature for generating WEST Input file with results from the MOUSE Engine simulation Improvment

MIKE URBAN Service Pack 2, June 2009

Module/Type Error/Inconvenience/New Feature Status Remarks
MOUSE Engine * The values reported in the MOUSE Engine summary in section ”Grid point result summary”, column ”Hmax/D” were not written correctly to the summary.
* Unit handling in ADP-file not working for initial water level section (affects only setups with US units)
* Restriction in lintels which ensured that the flow trough the lintel could maximum be the flow approaching the lintel on the street level changed.The allowed flow through a lintel is now changed from the approaching flow to the approaching flow + the available volume in the node/dt
* In MIKE Urban Model Manager each Boundary Condition may have several Boundary Items with different “Limited validity time-interval” assigned. If one Boundary Item had a validity interval completely outside the selected calculation time interval, then an error could occur at the termination of the MOUSE HD Engine simulation. This would cause the produced result file to be corrupted and no summary report was produced
* When saving every timestep in a user-specified result file the initialization will terminate and hence cause issues
* AD concentrations defined in catchment loads get multiplied when more catchments are connected to a single node
* When specifying a LossParID that does not exist the engine will not give an error, but will use the headloss type of the previous node instead.
Longitudinal profile * Collapse nodes not working in longitudinal profile
* Display of basin 'diameter' changed
* Lateral Links were plotted at the up stream invert level instead of the downstream invert level
* LP drawn incorrectly for CS asset data
* Error displayed when trying to load flood result (dfs2) from the raster items tab
* LP does not display 'display name' in legend
Threshold values Tif, Tof and Tg of the RDI model parameters In the release note for the 2009 release note a comment was omitted that should have been there:Inconsistent handling of threshold values for the RDI hydrological model parameters Tif, Tof and Tg during export of the model for the simulation has been rectified.This modification could affect calibrated model setups which include hydrological RDI model, where values for one or more of the three default threshold values for the parameters Tif, Tof and Tg, different than default (zero)  have been used. Depending on the actually applied threshold value (other than default), the difference between the original model results and those generated by MU rel. 2009, could be significant.It is advisable to compare the MU rel. 2009 simulation results of any calibrated hydrological model including RDI, created under an earlier MU version or imported from MOUSE into any earlier version of MU, with the original simulation results (i.e. those generated my MOUSE or by an earlier version of MU. In case this comparison shows a significant difference, the values of the applied threshold values should be divided by 100. E.g. the value for Tif, Tof or Tg of 0.5 (SI units) should be replaced with 0.005, or if the model is in US units, the value of e.g. 50% should be changed to 0.5%. After modification of the threshold values, the model results generated by MU rel. 2009 should be identical to those made by earlier MU versions or by MOUSE. Fixed
Graphical Editing 'Move Selected' tool does not work when you want to move a selected node Fixed
Import/export * Export of MOUSE does not convert units for AD components
* SWMM: when inflow time series ID is left empty then the empty string would be exported with an error hence resulting in an error message by the SWMM engine
SWMM * When attemptning to insert new values in the upper grid in "SWMM5 > Boundary Condition > Time Series" of Type = 6, "Inflow Pollutiographs"program would terminate
* A warning message pops up when you use the results table tool for SWMM results
WD * Sometimes Result Table reports error that there is no next time step when selecting "Junctions" in order to see the results for junction nodes (for steady state error was persistent)
* The 'Connection' wizard would sometimes display error message
MOUSE * Result presentation: Sometimes Times series from a User Specified Results could not be read
* When selecting based on attribute in e.g. network loads the selection occurs in the entire msm_BBoundary table. This means that if you then delete selected you are also deleting catchment loads and water level boundaries. The selection dialog that comes up is now prefilled with information that will lead the user to avoid this
* Improved synchronisation between the various catchment dialogs
* The flow area of the valves are part of the recomputation when you run a simulation now
* Specific issues for catchment processing have been corrected
Simplification wizard Merging does not merge pipes on selected path when first and second pipe are not fullfilling the merge criteria Fixed
2D overland flow * 2D Overland Flow Tools - Couple Nodes - terminates if other layers are a part of the selection
* Computation dialog - 2D Overland Flow - Statistics Update Frequency value is not persistent
Misc * Addition of some translated strings (for language different from English) for both interface and engine
* Inability to stop animation while generating AVI file (now pressing 'Esc' will stop animation)
* Spelling errors on interface and minor updates to manuals (as well as documentation overview) and text strings in project check tool
* Open of database will force you to refresh to full extent before seeing data in horizontal plan
* Disabling of result table option when not relevant
* Disabling of  'Q/Q manning' in derived results for SWMM mode (not computed)
* Recompute functionality on Curb Inlets was missing
* Very rare and random issue with MIKE URBAN crash on start up due to problems in registry
* Adding of various error messages
* Import of MOUSE project with AD components:  The ‘Mode’ parameter on the boundary items dialog was wrongly set as ‘concentration’ for the bacteria component. Should remain as 'Null'. SP2 will ensure this.

MIKE URBAN Service Pack 3, November 2009

Module/Type Error/Inconvenience/New Feature Status Remarks
TS import Import of Danish kmd-format was errorneous: Each rain is the missing the last data record and an "interpolation" of the values between 2 events is wrongly done instead of setting value to 0.0 Fixed
Catchments * When updating the connection node for a catchment the catchment connection shape was not updated
* Deleting a catchment connection from the map only deleted the graphical representation, not the entry in the table
WD * When importing from inp file with long IF-THEN rules then error could occur preventing simulation from running
* Fireflow simulation modified when fire flow is run for a given fire flow demand
* Maximum flow limit in the fire flow setting editor has no effect - now removed
* Saving of demand allocation computation results couldn't be done
* Recompute selected and  all pipes length didn't work correctly: the Length field (mw_Pipes.L) was filled instead
* Demand geocoding improved for large projects
* Demand statistics not working
MOUSE * Unit conversion for pollutant loads not handled correctly
* Simulation button should be greyed out as long as simulation is running
* Improved and new error and warning messages
* Weir discharge in first timestep of a LTS job is using information from the last timestep in the last LTS job
* Network is initialized in a LTS job based on the boundaries from previous job
SWMM * Catchment conection wizard results in error ('Too many tables') for large setups
* Catchment Processing tool does not work with .GDB-files
Interpolate to raster When activating this in WD mode and when language is different from English program would terminate Fixed
Basin geometry and head loss When trying to reference or edit a basin geometry or a head loss program would terminate occasionally Fixed
Import of data * GUI-elements for the "Topology" and "Snap tolerance"are hidden on the job configuration dialog if loading an import xml
* Problem using the "Update Only" transfer mode when used with GDB projects
Result presentation * when adding result statistics layers some of them would be displayed with errorneous symbology before reapplying the symbology Fixed
DEM data Some DEM's loaded in to be used in MIKE FLOOD simulation would result in error message Fixed
Load points and load allocation * When assigning many load points using the "place" functionality program may terminate
* Geocode of load points not working for large setups
Urban flood * Full support for US units not found for urban flood simulation
* MOUSE / 2D Overland Tools / Show Coupled 2D cells and  Show all Coupled nodes - tools not working
* Gapfilling in MIKE URBAN flooding does not interpolate correctly
Project check tool Rules updated Improved
Upgrade of databases Upgrade tool introduces duplicate entries in unit table - result is that some values are not converted correctly (only applies for some specific versions of MU databases) Fixed
Units Result Statistics Layers are always displayed in Metric Units regardless of project units Fixed
Result statistics and result layers * Result Statistics Layers are persistent in the TOC after reopening of project (where layer is empty)
* Result Statistics Layer cannot be exported to a shape file
* Unit of result layer now displayed next to layer in TOC
Fixed/Improved Please note that field names in shape file are limited to 10 characters
Show selected nodes When no nodes are selected and you chose "show selected" nodes, program terminates Fixed
Simplification wizard The criteria for diameter used instead of friction when merging pipes Fixed
Documentation Minor updates Fixed
Misc * Now possible to have pumps operating outside the pump curve table range New feature See DHIAPP.INI and ADP file documentation for further
ArcGIS version MIKE URBAN is supported on ArcGIS 9.3 incl. service pack 1 but with SP3 it has also been executed and tested on 9.3.1. Issues found during this have been corrected. Fixed

MIKE URBAN Service Pack 4, February 2010

Module/Type Error/Inconvenience/New Feature Status Remarks
Performance Performance improvement: Recomputing the geometry when launching a MOUSE simulation has been made much faster. The alternative and faster approach now introduced with Service Pack 4 has made the “Recompute geometry” flag superfluous and consequently it has been removed. Improved
Catchments and catchment tools * 'Regenerate catchment connection' tool does not work with .gdb files.
* Reconnecting catchments with SP3 would not create the new connection but only remove the previous connection
* Catchment areas were always exported (to MOUSE engine) as hectars regardless of user changing unit in custom unit dialog.
WD * Calibration parameters for the 'Pipe roughness calibration' is always greyed (EPANET / WD Tools / Pipe Roughness Calibration)
* Recompute length tool for WD pipes removed
* Trace nodeid can only be numbers
* More error checks insertered
2D Overland * In the 2D Overland Flow dialog, on the second tab, if the time series file, or the manning roughness file is changed, the other parameters (land value and flooding and drying values) are reset as well
* Not possible to include bed resistance file without getting errors
* The DEM interpolation near land values was not always correct
MOUSE Engine * Issue fixed with respect to generation of numeric water in computations with Pressure Mains using implicit solution
* Correction in the MIKE FLOOD River/Urban link. The problem occurs with some setups only and results in no flow exchange between the models (MOUSE/MIKE 11)
* Weir not initialized correctly when jumping to new job in LTS simulation
* PCS simulations: The pump statistics Excel report produced by PCS simulations was not produced if one or more pumps did not start during the simulation period. An error message is now presented if the MS Excel application is not installed on the computer where the Excel report should be produced
* Pressure Main simulations: Three new error checks have been introduced for setups with PM network sections. If any of the errors are found then the simulation is rejected.1/ It is checked that PM links do not connect to nodes with pumps. (Short circuit to other pump stations)2/ It is checked that PM links do not connect to non-PM links, unless through PM Tail nodes.3/ It is checked that PM Tail Nodes are not stand alone without PM links connected.
* Sealed nodes, large diameter: The sealed nodes will have a slot defined automatically above ground level (similar to the Preismann slot for pipes). It was found that the volume of the node slot was too large for sealed nodes with large diameters. An alternative function has been introduced for nodes with diameters > 1.0 [m].
* Loading of CRF files: CRF files with very large number of time series (catchments) caused the HD simulation to run OUT OF MEMORY. The situation seems to appear for models with more than 25000 catchments.By introducing a flexible CRF file buffer size these models can be executed. The out of memory error will be reported if it occurs.The buffer size can be controlled by en entry in the ‘dhiapp.ini’ file. The keyword for this is BNDBUFFERSIZE
* Pollutant components: Adding pollution components to runoff (CRF) set as a network load boundary using a specific keyword (LOAD_CRF_CLASSIC_STYLE) in the DHIAPP.INI file would cause errorneous results. Keyword is no longer valid with SP4 and pollution components added to runoff set as a network load boundary does not require special action in the DHIAPP.INI file.
* LTS: The constant time step is not handled correctly when the time step is defined in the .MJL file
* Warning and error messages. Generally a number of new warning and error messages have been added.
SWMM * The unit of Dry Weather Flow was incorrect
* The Save RDII file and Save Runoff File information were not saved
Asset to model MU WD: Asset to Model Tool (Valves and Pumps) does not transfer AssetID, valve/pump type, diameter Fixed
Result statistics * Result statistics for WD derived results Link flow not calculated
* Result statistics layer always displayed in metric units
* Calculation of the link flood is wrong
Longitudinal profile * SWMM: profiles are not plotted properly if the user is entering invert elevations instead of invert offsets
* Ground level from DEM/DTM resets to 0 (zero) when results are loaded (e.g. load of prf file)
Import Import from MOUSE projects differed with respect to the weir coefficient depending on use of Wizard or Advanced import Fixed
Misc * Select by attribute tool - default suggestion when using strings was in wrong format
* When you open a .mup file it zooms to full extent instead of opening with the view it was saved with
* Change feature type tool not working with gdb-files
* Greying of fields in interface corrected various places
* Pressing delete button when only showing selected elements would terminate application
* Undo not working on data input after deleting a cross section, tabular data or similar data in other input dialogs. Now fixed. Please note that two undo steps are required (first one will bring data back and the second step will bring ID and type info back)
Tools M11Extra: The number of decimal digits in the text output file can now be controlled by a command line option. E.g. /DEC=6 will produce output with six decimal digits.SWMMout2MVWin: The tool has been upgraded to comply with the version of SWMM supported by MIKE URBAN, where the format of the SWMM binary OUT files were changed. New feature

MIKE URBAN Service Pack 5, June 2010

Module/Type Error/Inconvenience/New Feature Status Remarks
TS import Various minor corrections when importing time seris from xls-files (e.g. when having multiple worksheet in xls file) Fixed
Units * Exporting SWMM does not convert values for e.g. geometry depth to correct unit for some unit systems
* The conversion of the width of a rectangular orifice (MOUSE)  is not done when running a simulation
Catchments, catchment and load tools * Reconnecting two or more catchments with SP4 would not create the new connection but only remove the previous connection
* "Show Connected Catchments" tool doesn't work with larger selection sets
* When delineating catchments within a number of seperate polygons where no nodes/pipes are found the polygon was removed as a catchment (fix in SP5 will leave the polygon as a catchment)
* When changing the status for the network type the catchment connection wizard would not take this into account
* Regenerate load allocation would terminate if node was incorrect
* Transfer to MOUSE in Load allocation does not work correctly when Aggregation is not checked for some unit systems
Editing In the MOUSE Node editor, if the focus is in a cell in the Tabular view, and then you try to switch tabs the program will terminate Fixed
Import/export of data * When running export to Epanet2 in Wizard mode, the field pipe diameter is related to pipe length in the .inp file, but only if pipe length field is empty in MU
* The export to ODBC is not available from the Advanced mode
MOUSE Engine * Irregular ending of a runoff computation causes false error messages
* If the keywords (AllowPMlinksConnectToValves, AllowPMlinksConnectToPumps) and in the DHIAPP.INI file are set to 1 the  error messages on pumps and valves in pressure main network sections are relaxed to warnings
* When entering the slot width on the interface the value is not taken into account
* When water is reversed through a valve there is a sign error in the solution
* When applying the alternative low flow option for a setup the water can not flow backwards in a pipe if the pipe starts empty
* Simulation does not complete when simulation runs longer than the IIR-file (input file)
* Allowable flow for pumps was underestimated for pipes running under pressure
* An error occurred when using PMR-files as boundary to a pipeflow simulation
* Max Inflow on nodes errorneously would apply to flow for each catchment connected instead of the total amount of inflow
* Change in concept: For natural channels the last CRS defines the length of the topography. If the length of the topography is shorter than the computed length for the link the last cross section will be used for the remaining part of the natural channel. And vice versa, if the length of the topography is longer than the link length only the topography specified until the computed length (or user specified length) will be used. For further information please refer to the manuals.
Water Distribution * Water hammer - pump is not tripping off as expected for specific setup Fixed
Result presentation * The right Link Flood time series is not correctly associate with the map
* The calculation of the max and min link flood was not correct: The max and min corresponded to the max and min of the last grid point and not the max and the min of all the grid points of the link
* When trying to add some result statistics layers an error message appears (and layer is not displayed)
* When exporting repeatedly the same result layer to shape file, result items are duplicated
* When changing the 'Step for loading' for MOUSE result files results could not be displayed
Scenario Manager * When reverting from one scenario to some other scenario, the MOUSE node allocations (i.e. features connecting Load Points with MOUSE nodes) are not properly regenerated
* Improvement of stability when working with large networks
Longitudinal profile Exporting a profile that contains an orifice, a weir or a pump to DXF will result in termination of MU Fixed
Tools MergeERF tool could result in display of error message depending on the Windows Regional Setting for ‘Short date’ format Fixed
Misc * Improvement of various error messages and removal of obsolete error messages
* Minor update to documentation
* 2D Overland Flow example updated with new time step to be used
* Both start and stop editing icon shown as active
* Various cosmetic issues seen in MU when running on Windows 7
* When trying to open a TS while a result layer is animated on Windows 7, MU would terminate
* ‘Export map’ tool does not work correctly for some export formats
* 'Export map to DXF' tool does randomly not working correctly
* Problems with the 'Interpolate to raster' tool when referenced background images where not located as specified
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